Sitem Startup Club

Where MedTech Startups thrive: Become part of our community!

The Sitem StartUp Club (SSC) promotes startup companies in the MedTech field and related life sciences.

The SSC is supported by our Leading Partners, Club Members and the Bernese ecosystem. Located right next to the Insel Campus Bern, the purpose-built Sitem MedTech HUB comprises 1΄700m2 facility with co-working space, shared offices and meeting rooms to enable a vibrant MedTech startup community.


The SSC has the following goals
•    to promote early-stage startups in the MedTech field and related life sciences
•    to support startup companies through access to coaching and consulting with the MedTech booster program
•    to offer startups rental of co-working space and offices at affordable prices in the Sitem MedTech HUB
•    to facilitate access to investors with pitching and match making events


«The main goal of the SSC is to establish the leading MedTech Hub in Switzerland»