About us

Origin of Sitem StartUp Club

The Sitem StartUp Club (SSC) originated in March 2020 when the leading persons of the Insel Group, the University of Bern & sitem-insel, representatives of the Bernese Government, be-advanced and the Swiss Entrepreneurship Foundation agreed that the Insel Campus Bern should also offer a HUB for Startups in the field of MedTech and Health Sciences. This is part of an overall strategy to promote research, innovation and startups through the University of Bern and the Insel Group. It was agreed that this development should be under the leadership of sitem-insel as private organization and as successful PPP project.


The vision of the Sitem StartUp Club is to establish Bern as the leading hub for startups in the MedTech field in Switzerland.


The mission of the Sitem StartUp Club is to offer startups in the MedTech sector access to medical expertise, consulting, potential investors and low-cost workspace in the Sitem MedTech Hub, in the vicinity of the Insel Campus Bern.


Over the past years, the Canton of Bern, together with the University of Bern and the Inselspital (Bern University Hospital) have invested heavily in the vision of being the leading location for innovation in medicine and health. The Swiss Institute for Translational and Entrepreneurial Medicine (Sitem-insel) is a testament to this vision. The proximity of the key elements in the Insel Campus Bern position Bern as the perfect MedTech location built on a long tradition of bridging medical needs and innovative solutions. Those are the key strengths of BERN that make it a great place for MedTech entrepreneurs.

SSC Team

Martin Hofer

Projectmanager & Operations Director SMH

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Geghetsik Gabrielyan

Head of MedTech Booster Program & Partnerships, Media relations

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Carole Kobel

SMH Relations Assistant

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Josiane Michel

Marketing Inter
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The Board of the SSC

Prof. em. Dr. Daniel Buser, sitem-insel AG (President)


Dr. Thomas Bähler, Partner Kellerhals Carrard


Cornelia Gehrig, sitem-insel AG (Vice-President)


Prof. Dr. Sebastian Wörwag, University of Applied Sciences Bern (BFH)

Dr. Simon Rothen, sitem-insel AG



Dr. Heiko Visarius, VISARTIS Healthcare GmbH


Head of MedTech Booster Program & Partnerships


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