MedTech Booster Program

Full support package for MedTech startups

The MedTech Booster Program is the acceleration program offered by the Sitem StartUp Club (SSC), focusing on early-stage MedTech startups, as well as those in related life science verticals such as biotech, digital health, and in-vitro diagnostics (IVD). Our program offers a comprehensive support package that includes consulting, networking, and financing opportunities for startups located in Bern. At SSC, we understand that each entrepreneur has unique needs, and that's why we offer a tailor-made approach to support. Whether it's providing guidance on regulatory requirements, connecting startups with industry experts and potential partners, or offering financial support to help bring ideas to fruition, we work closely with our startups to provide the resources they need to succeed.


Your advantages of the medtech booster

Access to expertise and networking

  • Medical and clinical experts from Inselspital
  • Business coaching with be-advanced
  • 20 hs of consulting with experts for regulatory affairs and legal aspects
  • Technical expertise from sitem-insel

Access to investors through the SSC

  • The SSC has 3 Pitching Events per year where the startups meet the investors
  • Direct match-making with investors
  • Comprehensive investor network

Access to space @Sitem MedTech HUB

  • Co-working space and private offices
  • Telephone booths, meeting rooms and event room
  • Common area: cafeteria, terrace, lounge
  • Access to events of the SMH eco-system

startups that participated

Dominic Senn, CEO of MachineMD


"This seed round showed us the Sitem StartUp Club is not only a place where MedTech startups get office space, find a lively community and coaching, but also gave us access to an exclusive and active investor club,” explains Dominic Senn, CEO of machineMD. " For us such a comprehensive funding offer with a strong financing component is a key success factor that shows how well Bern is positioned in the field of translational medicine." 

Pitching Events 2023

By participating in a pitching event, you can connect with a wide range of investors. There are 3 pitching events every year and to have the opportunity to participate in one of our events you need to apply before the deadline, get accepted in the program and activate your Sitem MedTech HUB membership.


29th February - Deadline to pitch past due 19th January

25th June - Application window closes on 17th May

12nd November - Application window closes on 15th September

Application Process

Three times a year, the SSC runs its program. The SSC has capacity to support 15 startups per year. We assess the applications on a rolling base. We encourage you to get in touch with us before you apply.


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We are proud to support the development of new technologies and solutions that have the potential to make a positive impact on healthcare and improve the lives of people around the world.


Join us at the Sitem StartUp Club to take advantage of our MedTech Booster Program and grow your startup in the heart of Switzerland's innovation ecosystem.

Head of MedTech Booster Program & Partnerships

Our Partners – The Backbone of Our Success


  1. Which is the ideal stage of startups?
    Early-Stage (pre-seed & seed) but we also accept spin-off teams that want to connect with us from the beginning.
  2. Does the program has a cost for the startups?
    No, the program is covered by the SSC members.
  3. Do you need to have a membership in the SMH to be accepted into the program?
    Yes, since the begging of the program you need to have the minimal membership required (2x Active plans or 1x New Work plan). See the different plans here.
  4. Which is the duration of the program?
    Initially 6 months, with the possibility to extend it to 12 months.
  5. Have the program a structure and workshops that are mandatory for the founders?
    No, we have regular meetings but the most important is to be close and reach out when you need our help.
  6. Does the SSC takes equity from the startups?
    No, in case of an investment the SSC doesn't take equity. The investors and the founder will negotiate directly the investment conditions.
  7. How many startups can be accepted in the program?
    15 per year
  8. Is it possible to be part of the SSC without being in the program?
    Yes. you can become a member of the SSC once you have a membership at the Sitem MedTech HUB. See the different plans here.
  9. Which are the main takeaways from the program?
    Accelerate the development of your startup to be investor-ready for the next round and avoid the typical pitfalls by tailor-made support. This could mean:
  • Validate product-market fit
  • Define and validate business model + financing strategy
  • Define regulatory roadmap and milestones
  • Establish strong partnerships